Wednesday, July 04, 2007



Does anyone know how difficult it is to remove wallpaper? Like, on a scale of 1-10... for a preggo. I have a fairly small bedroom with a wallpaper border along the top of the wall that I would just like to not exist anymore. Anyone have any pointers???

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Amy Jo said...

Hello. I dropped by your blog for the first time today and this query struck home with me, after fighting wallpaper all weekend. Some wallpaper comes off really easily, but others are evil to remove. I would tug on a corner and see if lifts at all. If it starts peeling off, the wallpaper removal gods might be smiling upon you.

I would recommend a non-chemical alternative since you are with child. Lightly score the wallpaper (try to avoid scoring the drywall or plaster beneath it) and 1) saturate it with water applied with a spray bottle, or 2) rent a steamer and steam it off, but be very careful not to damage the wall beneath it. Another alternative would be to apply something like DIP, an enzyme gel that aids in the removal of wallpaper. Good luck on the project!