Friday, September 07, 2007

This Week's Featured Pet Peeve:

People who call my baby a boy.

At five weeks old, I'm willing to concede the fact that my daughter still looks completely like... a baby- a deliciously plump, happy, androgynous baby. Well, usually she's happy- in the photo, she looks disappointed in mankind, or severly annoyed, just like her mama.

I've always thought that newborns all looked like wrinkled little old men, aliens, Elmer Fudd, or Yoda. All of them, even my own. It doesn't bother me that other people think that as well. What does bother me is when strangers assume the gender of my baby, although I suppose it only bothers me when they get it wrong. Baby faces are baby faces, granted, but do people really not notice all the hints I'm giving them? She's dressed in a pink onesie. With flower booties. In a pink blanket. In her pink stroller. Either I'm doing my best to subltly suggest to the public that she's female, or it's a boy, and the cast of Queer Eye For The Metrosexual Infant threw my baby shower.


Anonymous said...

I think that people are lazy and mostly stupid. I took Mason out in a total boy outfit. A green, sleeveless shirt that said DUMPTRUCK and had a dump trunk and some cute little blue shorts. Some lady came up to me and asked me "it" was a girl or boy...I know sometimes you can't tell, but...really?! Your little girl is so beautiful!

glittersmama said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. My mom actually made my crib sheets including that cool striped one.

I think your little girl is adorable. I was in the airport once with my baby--I'm always sure to dress her very obviously as a girl (in a dress, or in pink, and with a hair clip or bow)--and this man in his 60s said, "What a cute little boy." I said thanks and moved on. When I came back by later, he came over to me and apologized. Why don't people say, "What a cute baby?" It's just as easy and could save a little face.

I usually don't write a dissertation when I comment, sorry.