Friday, April 27, 2007

Move over Bridezilla-

Here comes WIDEZILLA.

My wedding dress finally came in! My mom ordered it for me, so I tried it on when I went over there for our weekly family dinner last Wednesday. I'm sorry, I don't think "tried it on" is the right term, because that implies that I could actually get the damn thing on.

All my life, I've been between sizes. I'm one of those people who has to try everything on, and being pregnant is no exception. They tell you to order based on your pre-pregnancy size, but I don't think there is a seamstress in the world who could anticipate how big my belly is in comparison to the rest of me. (Stop rolling your eyes, dear reader. If it makes me feel better to blame it on the dress maker, LET ME HAVE THAT, OK?)

So, back the dress goes, with another one, a bigger one, on it's way. I believe the dress is being walked over from Pennsylvania, based on the shipping estimate. The other problem is that Dress V.2 is going to be way too large, and will require a great deal of altering to give the illusion of "Nicole In A Dress" and not, "I thought I was coming to a wedding, why is there a huge circus tent walking down the aisle- oh wait, it has a face! Is that... NIK?" Under normal circumstances, alterations would be a mild annoyance. In my present world? UM, YIKES. I need this in three weeks!

Well, there you go. I've felt like lately, this blog has been severely lacking in entries of the "Bitching and Moaning" variety. Up next? Probably something gooshy about Chris. We got our marriage license today!

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