Friday, May 04, 2007

And the inheritance goes to...

This morning, I was getting Brady dressed in a t-shirt that has the word "MOM" on a scroll through a flaming heart, kinda with a Sailor Jerry tattoo vibe to it. Brady asked why it said "MOM" in the heart, and I said, "Because you love me!" Brady looked back down at the shirt and said, "And what's all the fire for, Mom? OH I KNOW! Cuz you're HOT!"

Chalk one up for the Shaggy One. Maddy's got to step up her game a few notches! Maddy's not really the complimenting type. Last weekend, the kids and I had dinner with Andrea, and on the table was an advertisement for a Mother's Day Vacation. Maddy picked it up and read it. "Mom Get Away!" (It was supposed to be "Get-A-Way".) "Yeah, I totally know what they mean!"

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Sarah Beth said...

I would eat him up if you would let me.