Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cracked Up

Today kicked my ass.
I was running on two hours of intermittent sleep and not prepared to deal with not one, but two small crises in Wedding Planning Land.

I laid as low as I could, tried not to flip out. I only officially lost it once (on the phone with my grandma, of course) and came dangerously close to having a breakdown in the middle of the baking supply aisle of Albertson's while thinking to myself, "How the hell am I supposed to get through this without my trusty companion, Junk Food?" UNFAIR.

Maddy and I both had friends over for dinner- Maddy's friend Jade and my friend Andrea. We started talking about the concept of "If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!" (which, lucky for me, is a notion completely understood by Chris). Maddy had her own take on the witticism, which was "If Mama Ain't Happy, I CRACK UP!"


As the older two of us were doing the dishes together and the younger two were fighting over whether they were going to watch Freaky Friday or Annie, I turned to Andrea, and in reference to Maddy said, "Where did I go wrong?"

Without hesitation, Andrea replied, "You mean, 'How Did You Manage To Give Birth To Yourself?'"

Oh. Good point. On the bright side, Maddy wrote down some nice things as part of the Mother's Day gift she worked on in school. For example, she loves it when I "make chocolate cip cookies" and I'm smart because... well, see for yourself!

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MarleePants said...

nik!! i didn't know you had some other form of journal. your writing always entertains me so. as do your children. god i miss them. and you. i want to rub your big belly. hahaha. hey at least i'm not some fucking stranger assaulting you as you walk down the street. loveyoumissyou!!