Saturday, May 12, 2007

Art Show(-off)

(You have to click to see the full image... my apologies on behalf of
5-10-07 001
Last Thursday, we went to check out my brother's artwork on display for the senior high school Art Show. First of all, it is abundantly clear that I got NONE of the artistic genes that run abundant in our gene pool. Both my grandmother and mother are extremely talented artists, and the only artistic talent I have is nice penmanship. Sometimes. All the actual look-how-well-I-can-represent-actual-things artistic talent went directly to my brother.

5-10-07 0025-10-07 0003

So, yeah, he can draw. I'D LIKE TO SEE HIM CARRY A BABY. ;)

Love you Ernie, and I'm way more proud than I am jealous.

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